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Special Booklet – CAF 1 - UNIT 4 - Key

Unit 4 - Shape up

Section 1 – Summarizing


Section 2 - Editing

I hate exercising. I think I have pretty much hated (1) exercise for as long as
I can (2) remember (3). I suspect (4) there probably was (5) a time when I used (6) to
run around for fun, because when I look (7) at little kids they all seem (8) to do that. But to
be (9) honest, when it was (10) playtime at school, you’d generally find me quiet in the
corner with a book, rather than throwing (11) a ball around.

Section 3 – Vocabulary Activator

a) The art of achieving great and lasting success.
(x) accomplishing / durable

b) Cutting out coffee by taking one less sip a day.
(x) reducing / small amount of liquid swallowed

c) Reducing your sugar intake by one grain of sugar each time.
(x) ingestion

d) Change is frightening, he says.
(x) scary

e) …our brain which …
(x) the organ inside the head

f) …sets off alarm bells whenever we want to change our routine.
(x) to make an alarm start ringing

g) So, what we need to do is trick that brain.
(x) deceive

h) I’m jigging about on the spot for a minute.
(x) moving up and down / a particular place

i) And the next week, you add another minute, and so on.
(x) increase the amount

Section 4 – Paraphrasing

a) Work out a little / very little. Only a little bit. So little that you won’t even get
tired / remember / feel it.
b) The ability / the way to accomplish / to get to / to reach a fantastic result by
taking small steps / by doing a little every day/ by changing your routine a little each
c) Change is scary / We’re afraid of changing/,he tells us, and there’s something in our
brain that starts/ rings the bell / the alarm anytime we feel like changing our routine.

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