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Special Booklet CAF 1 - UNIT 3 - Key

UNIT 3 - Travel Tips

Section 1: Vocabulary Activator
destination includingtravelling onawaremakeout amount  keep – 

Section 2: Reading Comprehension

( T ) Learn about the place you are traveling to before you leave your country.

( F ) Travel insurance should not really be considered since many countries have great
health system.

( F ) In an emergency you should contact the closest travel agency.

( T ) The Internet should be used for trip arrangements.

( F ) Once you have a visa you are sure to enter the country you are visiting.

( F ) Never make copies of your documents.

( T ) When travelling to some areas, make sure you get shots.

( F ) Nobody should have any information about your travel itinerary.

( T ) Carry some money in another wallet.

( T ) Make sure you memorize your passport number.

Section 3: Editing

I have traveled to many countries. The first country I visited when I was young was
Mexico. Since I grew up in California, this was the closest foreign country. I remember
seeing many poor dark-skinned people there with beautiful eyes.
While we were there, my father bought me a doll in Mexican clothes that I still have today.
This was the beginning of my travel experiences.
I have had mostly wonderful vacations in foreign countries.
However, my favorite place was Ghana, West Africa, because of the opportunities to visit
my family, the hospitable people, and the exotic environment.

Section 4: Paraphrasing
1. Greet other people who are travelling. You may need a helping hand along the

Say hi to the other tourists. One never knows when help will be needed.

2. Don’t call a lot of attention by wearing expensive outfits or by having costly bags
with you.

It’s a good idea not to be the center of attention when you are on a trip. Look
plain and simple.

3. Try to hide your belongings. Thieves tend to get what is in sight.

People may take what their eyes can see. Conceal your possessions.

Free answers to most exercises.

( 2 ) The Versailles Palace was built by Louis XIV.
( 4 ) Nat has less money than her sister.
( 1 ) They came to Number One in order to learn English.
( 5 ) The city where I was born has grown into an industrial center.
( 3 ) We should make all efforts to preserve our natural resources.

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