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UNIT 8 - Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

UNIT 8 - Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

Section 1 - Reading Comprehension
a) Mark True or False according to the text:
( F ) There weren’t any empty seats at the table.
( F ) The Hatter offered Alice some wine.
( T ) Alice didn’t like the wine
( F ) The Hatter likes Alice’s hair.
( F ) The table was small.
b) Describe the place where the Tea Party takes place. Give details.
The table was large and it set outside under a tree. Although it was set with many chairs around it, the Hatter, the Hare and the Dormouse were all crowded in a corner.
c) What, in your opinion, made the Tea Party “crazy”?

Section 2 - Paraphrasing
Rewrite the sentences taken from The Mad Tea Party. Make sure they don’t lose their original meaning.
1. “No room, no room!”
There are no seats left. / We have no empty chairs.
2. “There’s plenty of room!”
There are enough chairs. / There are many empty seats.
3. “Have some wine.”
Drink some wine. / Would you like some wine?
4. "Then it wasn't very nice of you to offer it."
Then it was impolite to offer it. / It was rude to offer it.

Section 3 - Editing
1. John Lennon was also a big fan of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The paragraph below explains how the book influenced some of his songs. But first you have to find seven mistakes. Cross them out and correct them. The first one has been done for you.
When John Lennon was 11 years old, he received a copy of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland as a birthday present. The surreal, nonsensical volume left a lasting impression on the young man. Lennon notes, "I was passionate about Alice in Wonderland and drew all the characters. I did poems in the style of "Jabber- wocky. " I used to love Alice..." By the time he was fifteen, Lennon was wishing he could write something like Alice in Wonderland. Though Lennon did eventually publish several volumes of nonsense in the style of Lewis Carroll, his connection to Alice was most keenly apparent in his songwriting with the Beatles. Lennon explained that Carroll's stories and poems directly influenced the lyrics of two of his most famous songs, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "I am the Walrus." 11
2. Choose the correct word that best fits in each blank
The Fox and The Crow
b- saw
c- its
c- well
a- piece

Section 4 - Vocabulary Activator

a) Jennifer has broken up with her boyfriend. Now she is free as a bird*.
b) At Christmas season all the people at the shopping mall are working like ants.
c) Your father was able to find us in the middle of the crowd, he sure has eagle eyes.
d) When I arrive home from school I am so hungry that I could eat a horse.
e) We should avoid talking about controversial subjects because it is like opening a can of worms, and somebody always gets upset.
f) I live in a small apartment. My friend gave me a big sofa and there is no place for it. Now I am stuck with a white elephant.
g) My soccer team will be champion this year! Yeah, right. When pigs fly.
h) I am so nervous about the test that I have butterflies in my stomach.

Reflexive Learning

3. (3,4) – (5) – (1) – (2)

4. this/these that/    those
     here there
     today                  that day
    tomorrow             the next day; the following day
    yesterday           the previous Day

5. We use tell when we mention who the speaker is talking to.
When we don’t mention who the speaker is talking to, we use say.

6. future: can may Will
Past: would could might

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