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CAF 2: UNIT 6 - Twilight

Section 1 - Paraphrasing

1a. They used to live in Alaska a couple of years ago.
b. Jess, they aren’t brother and sister.
c. Well, don’t spend too much time on that.
d. Nobody here seems to appeal to him. That is not important to me.

Section 2 - Reading Comprehension
( T ) Kristine had read the book before.
( F ) The movie is highly recommended by her.
( F ) She thinks the actors that played Edward and Bella were excellent.
( F ) Kristine doesn’t think the movie is average.


Section 3 - Vocabulary Activator
 (c) aggressive.
(a) introverted
(e) sophisticated
(d) sexy
(b) overnight

Section 4 - Editing
Edward: Vampire
He has bronze colored hair, golden eyes, and pale skin (like all vampires). He has the ability to read everyone's mind, except Bella's. He is also much faster than other vampires. He was born as a human in 1901 in Chicago, but was changed into a vampire by Carlisle in 1918 when he was dying of the Spanish Influenza. He is in love with Bella Swan. He is a "vegetarian" vampire and is also a very good pianist.

Bella: Human
She has big brown eyes and brown hair. She is very clumsy and blushes easily. She is the one exception to Edward's mind-reading gift. She is in love with Edward and she lives with her father in Forks, Washington. Her blood is extremely appealing to Edward and very hard to resist, often putting her life on the line.

Reflexive Learning
(c) They’re going to travel the day after the wedding.
(d) Our team will win the championship this year. We have the best players.
(b) I’m climbing the Everest on July 1st.
(a) The movie starts in 30 minutes.

(1) You have decided to go to the movies right now.
(2) They bought the airplane tickets to Paris last month.
(2) She planned to watch the movie yesterday.
(1) He thinks his soccer team is winning the game tomorrow.


years ( IN )  
months (IN)
days (ON)
dates (ON)
holidays (AT)
seasons (IN)
time (AT)

IN the sky / the water / the ocean / the East / a country / a garden / the photo
ON a chair / the ground / the wall / the twentieth floor / a sofa
AT the bus stop / the bottom / a party

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